Merfy-Lou's Musings

Job Hunting

on May 11, 2012

Job hunting is rough.  I knew it wouldn’t be easy. I have friends who have graduated and are still stressing over finding work.  I know that I have to submit my application everywhere and try to improve my wording and such all the time.

And I know that “real life jobs” are not like looking for student or summer jobs.  They aren’t necessarily entry level positions anymore.  There is going to be a lot more rejection and denial now. I am seriously working on controlling my upset/sad/frustrated “leaking” syndrome where I just cry over every little thing.  It isn’t healthy.

But it’s incredibly frustrating to spend hours and hours perfecting my application, cover letter and even writing up an essay, only to not even be advanced to the next position.  I had 4 other people review and help me edit as well.  And to know everyone on the committee.  I do know that I can’t hate the committee; it’s not their fault.

I’m told I’m awesome and amazing.  I go above the bar.  I can’t do things half-assed.  I strive to make things perfect and to do the best I can.  I like knowing everything, because it allows me to share that information with others who may not know it.

The last time I applied for this position and didn’t advance to the interview stage, I attributed it to not having graduated yet.  And as I progressed through the semester I was able to realize and be thankful for not advancing; a full time job and a full school load? No thanks! But now I’m graduating.  And I have plans set if nothing works out for a “real life job” which I will be happy with, but at the same time it is incredibly frustrating.

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