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Planting on a balcony

on May 13, 2012

Growing up, I had the luxury of growing lots and lots of plants between my mom’s house, as well as my grandmother’s house.

Here is what I have right now: The top one is empty – neither Lowe’s or Home Depot had anything that I wanted, so I’ll go to the local greenhouses on Tuesday.  The middle planter has sunflower seeds!  I’m really hoping that it isn’t getting too cold out for these guys to germinate, but I have serious faith.  And last but not least, thus far I have two variations of strawberries growing! I bought a Sequoia variety and a Loran variety.  I hope we stay in this apartment til next year, so I can see them come back.
Eventually in the top one, I would like to have pansies and marigolds.  My two favorite flowers.

Originally, I had wanted to do a pallet garden, but I got to thinking about having to move not only the empty pallet and dirt up the stairs, a pallet full of dirt down the stairs.  I live on the third floor, that just didn’t seem like the greatest idea.  Also, filling a pallet full of dirt is a little on the pricey side of this gal’s budget.

Hopefully someday, I’ll be able to maintain a larger garden like I remember doing with my mother and grandmother.  I would love to dig up potatoes in the fall, along with pulling delicious carrots out of the ground and cooking with rhubarb and zucchini fresh out of the garden.  My dreams will come true.  I want to have irises all across the front of my house.  I want to see sweet peas climbing the wall.

One response to “Planting on a balcony

  1. Kimbo says:

    I’m growing my potatoes in 5-gallon buckets. Thinking about starting tomatoes, too! Very convenient, and all I had to do was punch some holes in the sides with a nail for water drainage.

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