Merfy-Lou's Musings

Living with a geek (aka my husband)

on September 22, 2012

First off, let me just say, I love my hubby.  He is awesome and has supported me so much.

So with that being said, sometimes, I hate it. Like yesterday, the iPhone 5 came out.  In order for Hubby to have said new iphone 5, he had to pay almost full price for it.  But instead of buying out his own phone’s contract, he bought out mine. Because it was cheaper.  Had it been my decision, I was going to wait until January to purchase my new iPhone 5 when my contract ended and be done with it.  But because hubby is such a geek, he now has the iPhone 5 and I have his old 4S.  Which is a step up from the 4, since I couldn’t do some of the cool things that he could, like have Siri answer my questions or take panoramic photos with the iOS 6 update.  

I do truly enjoy hubby’s facinations with the newest, coolest toys.  He was afterall, the one who got me this awesome iPad for Christmas last year.  And he’s planning to sell my MacBook Pro to upgrade me to a new Mac Mini.  (The only downside is I lose having two monitors, which I really, really enjoy.)  However, the promise still exists that I still get a MacBook Pro when I lose 100 lbs.  (By the way… I hate doctors scales, I’m pretty sure they add a bajillion pounds. because it didn’t match the scale at home. grrr).  

We are currently at the hubby’s work. On a Saturday. so he can get his new system up and running.  You see, hubby got a new job.  Instead of answering phone calls and emails all day, he’s now back to doing Networking stuff. So running cables in the secret places of buildings that no one knows about.  I think it’s nifty. And it’s what he wants to be doing.  

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