Merfy-Lou's Musings

30 Things: Day 22

on October 19, 2012

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 15 years?

Five years from now (2017), I imagine, we’ll still live in Fairbanks.  Assuming all goes well, I complete my teaching degree and am working in one of the elementary schools in Fairbanks.  (I’m not picky as to which one, since I’m not from here, but I’d prefer not to have to drive really far to do so.)  We won’t have any kids yet, since my student loans still won’t be paid off.  And that will sadden me, but c’est la vie.  I want nothing less than the best for them.  Britton will probably have the same job – or have moved up in rank and will be loving it.  We’ll be in our own home with a dog.  Probably a retriever of some sort, since I can’t stand little dogs.  Hopefully we won’t have to have a roommate, but if that’s what the mortgage requires, we’ll survive.  I’ll be able to handle the munchkins at work, because it will no longer be my first trip around the block. And I’ll love it.

In ten years (2022), Britton will have finally had enough of Fairbanks winters and we’ll be moving.  But it won’t be to the beaches of Hawaii.  Nope, probably like our current goal of Wisconsin.  So, it’s extremely likely that we’ll still be cold in the winter and plug our vehicles in at night. I’ll either continue teaching in the new state, or have decided, enough with that, and move into the other career path that I want to do… which means more school.  But, it’ll be worth it.  Nursing is in a higher demand, and will be, because the geriatric division will just be growing.  I see myself working with the older, crankier generations, because they remind me of my grandparents (even though my grandparents aren’t cranky).  I don’t know if I’ll be working in a hospital or in a nursing home-like facility, but I’ll love the stress and demands of the job.  We’ll likely have a child at this point, since I will have grown impatient and wanting to start having babies before I’m in my thirties.  And we’ll probably be trying for our second.  We’ll own a home, hopefully with the same dog from the five year mark.  I’ll still be crafting like I do today – and learning to sew adorable outfits for my babies.

15 years (2027) is much harder for me to imagine.  I’ll be 38.  I want to have moved up from the bottom of the totem pole in seniority, as well as up the ladder of success.  I want to be the boss of the floor I work on, instead of the bottom of the barrel. My two kids will be in school and loving it.  I hope they will foster a love for music like Britton and I have.  That they’ll enjoy music lessons, as well as sports.  I hope Britton and I can embrace each other and give our kids everything they deserve (without being spoiled rotten).

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