Merfy-Lou's Musings

30 Things: Day 23

on October 20, 2012

Describe five hobbies and why you enjoy them.

  1. Quilting.  I love quilts, and I know my mom and grandma are to blame for this.  I can remember the first quilt I ever helped my mom put together. It was my rainbow pinwheel quilt and I absolutely loved that thing to bits.  One of the first quilts I ever made was for Mrs. Gilman’s baby she was having when I was in 4th grade.  Quilting is about cutting up the big stuff and rearranging it to put it back together again.  It’s about creating a piece of art that will warm and comfort someone you love.  It’s just awesome.
  2. Cooking/Baking.  Like quilting, food is a warmth for most people.  Finding a new recipe and having family, friends and coworkers complimenting you on how delicious it is makes you feel good.  Now that I’m really trying to eat less processed foods, this hobby is growing.  It’s finding the good things that I can eat that are good for me.
  3. Crafting in general.  I like to come up with new ideas and make them.  (or copy somebody else’s work) and saying “I did that”
  4. Country music.  Most of it has something I can identify with.  Even if it’s just “lover, lover” completely out of context and my husband and I can giggle over it.
  5. Music.  I love playing my saxophone with an ensemble.  Creating a group sound after hours of practice is so much fun.

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