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Daring Myself

on July 10, 2013

I’m daring myself to spend less money on the things I probably do not need.  I have nearly $70,000 in student loan debt that I want paid off by the time I am thirty.  $69403.03 is the exact amount.  Three are 2,125 days until my 30th birthday.  That is approximately $32.49 a day for the next 2125 days, not including interest.  $909.74 per 30 days.   $10,916.92 per year. 

But, that also means less coffees purchased from the coffee stand.  At about $5 a drink, and a at least a drink a week, I’m putting another $260 towards paying off my education.  It’s also eating out less.  Britton and I really enjoy the convenience of being able to pick something we each want to eat for dinner at a restaurant.  We’re not really good on compromising yet.  He pays for most of the meals these days, but I work really hard to put together a menu that is satiable to each of our preferences.  

But none the less, I am daring myself to make do with what I have.  To use the supplies that already exist in my life.  To use the “trash” of one man to be my treasure.  

I’m lucky to have a man in my life that supports me like he does and we know together that I will succeed in this goal in getting my debt paid off sooner, rather than later.  There is an extra $1000/month that could be going towards buying a house or raising a mini me.  

One response to “Daring Myself

  1. I hope you are making steps closer to that student debt! I think this is an awesome goal!!

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