Merfy-Lou's Musings

Week 1 Costs

on June 8, 2014

I know Alaska is stupidly expensive, but I thought I’d share what I bought.  Things on my menu that I still need to pick up include bacon (maybe), Aidelle’s Sausages, a whole chicken and coconut aminos.  I found aminos, as a soy sauce substitute, but it was made from soybeans?  I’m confused.

4.19 Fish Sauce (Will be able to use for many meals)
5.39 Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother – not on  my list, but I’ve been reading about all it’s benefits
1.69 Tomatoes crushed
1.69 Tomatoes diced
2.26 Cashews 0.17lb
8.33 Macadamia Nuts 0.49lb
4.99 Ground Pork (1 lb)
5.76 Chicken Thighs (99 cents/lb)
2.28 Spinach
4.50 Frozen blueberries
4.76 Broccoli (2.08lbs)
6.69 Cauliflower (2.92 lbs)
1.59 Mushrooms (.41 lbs)
1.88 Celery (1.58 lbs)
1.29 Frozen Spinach
3.99 Brussels Sprouts
4.99 Peppers (24 oz)
4.99 Turkey slices
0.22 Jalepenos
3.54 Sweet Potatoes (2)
1.25 Zucchini (1.49/lb)
4.50 Avocados (1.50 each)
0.69 Lime
1.89 Baby Carrots
2.58 Bell Peppers
1.08 Tomatoes on the vine
3.00 Pineapple
3.91 Cantaloupe

Total for the week: $98.40

Hopefully I have a ton of left overs.  Items this list doesn’t include is the $10 for the 5 dozen eggs or other basics already in the kitchen.



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