Merfy-Lou's Musings

New School, New Classroom, New Teacher

on January 5, 2016

Spring 2016. Wait, what? It’s January… Okay, okay, but for whatever reason, UAF starts their “spring semester” at -40F.  Yes, I know it’s 10 degrees and technically the semester doesn’t start for a week and two days, but my student teaching starts today!  It’s my first time working with primary resource students and I’m thrilled.

For this spring semester, I hope…

  • my cooperating teacher does more than workbooks every day.
  • the students are amazing, smiley, and giggly.
  • the commute back and forth across town doesn’t kill me.
  • waking up by 5am to accommodate this new schedule gets easier.
  • Dr. P’s readings are enjoyable.
  • I still have time to enjoy quilting, baking and taking my dog for walks.

One of my goals for 2016 is to blog about my internship experience, so here’s the first one.

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